Monday, 18 September 2017

Kingdom Kid Catch Up!

We have presented some amazing children with Kingdom Kid awards over the last little while! Here they are:

July awards:

Isaac, Jonny, Amber and Hannah

D1 - Isaac has been thinking about his learning and has been working hard to improve in many different ways. This is what Diligence is all about! Even smaller things like handwriting and how he follows instructions are getting his attention. The results are very pleasing to see! Way to go, Isaac!

D2 - Amber works diligently to complete all learning activities to the best of her ability. She listens carefully and is a willing helper in the classroom. Amber is a kind and gentle friend.

D3 - Hannah is a shining example of all our school values, particularly the value of kindness. She is a gentle, patient friend who shows a genuine care and concern for others. She is always looking for ways to help and encourage those around her. Hannah is a special friend to many and we are blessed to have her in our class.

F1 - Jonny has a natural curiosity that leads him to think deeply about all aspects of his school work but especially his walk with God. His contributions to our class discussions are wonderful and I always enjoy hearing what he has to say.

August awards:

Jada-Rose, Samuel, Harrison and Jemma

D1 - As we focus on the value of Kindness this term, Jada-Rose is a shining example of what it should look like! She shows care for others daily and always takes time to think about friends who might need a helping hand at work or play. She does this willingly and never needs to be asked – she just notices and acts. Thanks for being an awesome Kingdom Kid, Jada-Rose!

D2 - Harrison is a kind and caring class member who readily shares God’s love with others. He regularly encourages his classmates and is a willing helper in the classroom.

D3 - Jemma diligently completes all class tasks to a high standard. She loves to learn and always looks for ways to further her knowledge. Jemma is a kind, caring friend who takes the initiative to help others. She is a blessing to our class and deserving of this Kingdom Kid award.

F1 - Samuel works diligently both at school and after school. He perseveres when he encounters a problem and this shows the fantastic resilience that he has. Because of this, he inspires others to not give up when they come across a problem!

September awards:

Oliver, Olivia, Toby and Mattais
D1 - Mattias has a wonderfully kind heart! He is thoughtful of other people every day and always lets someone else go first when we need to take turns. He can cheer us up with a little joke if we are feeling sad and knows how to use gentle words to make peace between friends if it is needed. You are an amazing classmate, Mattias!

D2 - Toby is a kind and respectful class member. He listens carefully to instructions and works hard to complete his work to the best of his ability. Toby is always cheerful and ready to help.

D3 - Oliver is a fun, likeable classmate with a cool sense of humour. He is a loyal and caring friend who always looks for ways to show kindness to others. Oliver is polite and respectful and always tries to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

F1 - Olivia is a diligent worker who completes her tasks to a high standard and looks for opportunities to do more difficult tasks. She is also a kind student who looks out for the needs of others.

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