Saturday, 10 June 2017

Incredible Science!

Mrs Thompson has been doing some incredible science in D1 and D2 this term. Each week the classes do an experiment that makes them predict what might happen, observe carefully to see any changes and think about the processes that are at work.

Here are some of the experiments they have done:

The children enjoyed shaking the bottle as hard as they could to make the water and oil mix...
but it never stayed that way for long!

So pretty! It almost looks like a piece of art...

The blue colour always seems to come through first! I wonder why...?

We like to call this experiment 'Walking Water' because the colours seem to 'walk' from one cup to the next.


  1. I think D1 and D2 have been learning HEAPS about science with Mrs Thompson! From Mrs Sutherland

  2. D1 and D2 did good! by Noah

  3. I love doing science with Mrs Thompson.
    from London

  4. that is really fun from Johnny

  5. it was so fun doing since by Boaz

  6. it a lot of fun from johnny