Sunday, 28 May 2017

Try This at Home!

On Friday, London shared an experiment she had done at home. Here is a photo of what she brought into class:

You gave us great instructions, Dr London!
The egg is in some water in the photo just to protect it on its visit to school!
Here is how London told us to make a 'shell-less egg':

  • get an uncooked egg
  • put it in a jar
  • cover the egg with vinegar so that it goes over the top of the egg (any kind of vinegar)
  • put the lid on
  • leave it for 3 days
  • now you can gently rub the shell off...and now you have a 'shell-less egg'!
London also told us that if you hold the egg a little bit above the bench, you can make it bounce too!


  1. that looks FUN from johnny

  2. wow London i like it. From Tapaita

  3. well done London from Eva

  4. how did you now it will work? from Boaz

  5. well done London you did a great job.From Emma

  6. London thank you for bringing shell-less egg from Jada

  7. wow London. that looks like a cool exsperment. from Isaac

  8. I like doing my science. from LONDON