Saturday, 8 April 2017

A Visit from the Fire Brigade

On Friday we had an awesome visit from one of Palmerston North's fire crews. Gary and Belinda gave a talk first about fire safety and checked what we all remembered from the Firewise programme we did in year 1 and 2. We still knew a lot - Gary and Belinda were impressed!

Gary (the boss) and Belinda (she said she was the newest member of the crew)
Then we went outside to look at the truck and the special equipment:

Fire trucks are so cool...

Belinda showed us the gear that they use - hoses, axes, ladders and more!
There are so many pieces of special equipment hidden in that truck!

That's Zane dressed in Belinda's special fire fighting clothes.
They are quite heavy and very warm to wear but they keep you safe and that is SO important! 

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